AppSheet Pricing Guide

*Click here to download the latest AppSheet Price Guide PDF*

AppSheet is a really great “no-code” tool for building apps using spreadsheets as the database. I’ve used it to make a couple of apps and the Google+ User Group is really great.

It’s especially easy to learn if you already know your way around spreadsheet formulas and functions.

There are often questions about the pricing, because there are both per-app and per-user plans. This allows for a lot of flexibility in the pricing (at what I believe is AMAZING value), but some people get a bit confused by it.

I don’t think that AppSheet needs to change the pricing model, I think it works very well.

Developers can get started for free to check out the platform. However, quite early on you will probably want to know which option you’ll end up needing. I’ve developed this flowchart to help you navigate to the right plan.

*Click here to download the latest AppSheet Price Guide PDF*

Have fun developing!

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